Kenya is generally a safe and friendly country, but like with any destination you need to be aware of your surroundings and cautious not to find yourself in an unpleasant or potentially vulnerable situation. Here are a few basic tips to consider during your stay: 

  • Water: Avoid drinking tap water

  • Photographs: It is natural when on holiday to take as many pictures as possible, but before you begin to take pictures of houses or people, ask for their permission. In some cases, you may be required to offer a tip for those pictures.

  • Exchanging money: Make sure that you exchange currency with a reputable hotel, foreign exchange bureau or bank.

  • Activity Prices: When negotiating the price of activities with “Beach Boy” salesman its best to check what the fair price is with your hotel, or with someone that lives at the coast and is familiar with what a reasonable price is.

  • Valuables: Be mindful of your valuables; try not to show high value items in public or busy areas. Do not leave these items unattended in public places such as bars and restaurants.

  • Cash: Only carry the money you need when venturing out.

  • Animals: Never approach a wild animal, even if they appear harmless.

  • Tipping: Tipping is not mandatory but is appreciated. Kenyan people will typically try to serve you well as it’s in their nature, and are appreciative of any tip you are willing to give. As a guideline 10% for food and beverages is an acceptable tip.

  • Transport services: When using a Tuc-Tuc, Bodaboda, or Taxi ask for the price before embarking on the trip so as to avoid any surprises when you reach your destination.

  • Drugs: Be wary of people trying to sell you drugs. Although the coast of Kenya is very relaxed, drugs are illegal in Kenya, and any purchase, use, or possession of drugs could land you in prison. 

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